Hazard Monitoring Design Service

Preventative maintenance can help reduce the risk of equipment failure and consequent downtime.

When it comes to monitoring your bucket elevators and conveyors, 4B can recommend the ideal combination of sensors and monitoring systems to suit your requirements and budget.

4B has an extensive range of CSA / ATEX / IECEx / GOST-R approved hazard monitoring systems, misalignment switches, bearing temperature monitors and level controls. 4B can offer you anything from a replacement sensor, to a fully integrated hazard monitoring system which can be operated as a stand-alone device or connected to your PLC.

And if you do not want to install hazard monitoring sensors on every piece of equipment in your plant straightaway, 4B can offer you a scalable solution that can be expanded as your needs grow.

4B has a dedicated team of technicians providing free over the phone 24 hour technical support to trouble shoot any issue that can occur during or after installation.

Additionally, 4B offers an on site commissioning service to ensure our products have been properly set up and are functioning correctly after you initial installation.  4B also offers service contracts to periodically test and verify our products are being maintained and working properly to help protect your equipment. For a cost quote on these services, contact a technical support representative.

You can search by application to see what solutions 4B has to offer for your specific situation. To get a free recommendation from our engineers, fill out the form below. Fields in RED are required.


Hazard Monitors

Watchdog Super Elite


T500 Elite - Hotbus

Temperature Sensors

Bearing Temperature Sensors

Belt Misalignment


Speed Switches

M800 Speedswitch

Level Indicators


Plug / Choke Sensors












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