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4B offers an array of tools and services to support you and our products.  The 4B Tech Team can answer your installation and operation questions, and provide on-site inspection, testing or commissioning services for our products.  4B has developed testing tools to easily check our sensors in the field during routine maintenance.  We also have a selection of tools available to help with the installation of our products.

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  4B Tech Team   4B Tech Team    
    If you have questions or need technical assistance with any 4B product,  
    please do not hesitate to contact us.  We provide complimentary  
    technical telephone assistance 24 hours per day.  For an additional  
    charge, we also have a team of 4B systems specialists available for site  
    visits around the world.  
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  SpeedMaster Speed Switch Tester  


    The SpeedMaster™ is the only device that accurately tests the  
    calibration of a speed switch, and allows testing of the alarm and  
    shutdown features of the sensor while installed on the machine shaft.  

• Speed Switch Calibration Testing


• Exact Alarm & Shutdown Point Testing


• No Need To Modify Sensor Assembly For Testing



  ADB Bearing Sensor Tester  

ADB Bearing Sensor Tester

    The ADB sensor tester has been designed to test 4B adjustable depth  
    bearing (ADB) style temperature sensors in the field.  With integral  
    controls and temperature display, the unit heats the sensor to the  
    desired trip point, and allows quick and easy real life testing of the  
    sensor and temperature monitoring system.  
    Product Details  
  Hotbus Node Tester  

Hotbus™ Node Tester

    The Hotbus Node Tester is a portable testing unit that can be used  
    in the field to determine the operational status of any Hotbus  
    communications node and network to quickly identify wiring or node  

• Portable & Compact


• Optional PC Connection for Diagnostics information



      Product Details  
  Touchswitch Hole Saw   Touchswitch™ Belt Alignment Sensor Hole Saw    
    • Recommended Tool for Touchswitch™ Sensor Installation    
    • 2-1/4” Carbide Teeth for Optimum Performance and Durability    
    • Cobalt Steel Pilot Drill with Split Point Tip Prevents Walking    
    • Built in Flange Stop Prevents Over Drilling    
    • Ejector Spring Makes Removal of Slug Easier    
    Touchswitch Details