Universal Shaft Sensor Mount & Fully Guarded Target


The Whirligig® is a fully guarded target for easy mounting of motion sensors. It is a universal shaft sensor mount suitable for all industry standard cylindrical (18 and 30 mm) or DIN style inductive sensors including 4B's M100, M300, M800 Elite and Milli-Speed sensors.


The sensor bolts to the Whirligig base plate and the complete assembly either bolts to the machines shaft through a 1/2 in. UNC tapped hole, or is connected magnetically using 4B’s patented Mag-Con™ adaptor. Shaft or machine vibration does not affect the performance of the sensor, as the whole assembly moves with the shaft. With the Whirligig, installation of speed sensors is now simple, safe and reliable.



  Whirligig and Mag-Con  

• Fully Guarded Target for Easy Mounting of Motion Sensors


• For DIN Style and Standard Cylindrical Inductive Sensors


• Easy Installation - Only Requires 1/2" UNC Tapped Hole in the Machines


  Shaft or Use a Mag-Con™ for Magnetic Connection


• Available with 1, 2, 4 or 8 Targets


• Works with All 4B Speed Switches and Inductive Sensors

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  Whirligig® Technical Specifications:   Literature:  
  • Shaft Material - Stainless Steel   Product Datasheet Download PDF  
  • Body Material - Polypropylene   Full Line Product Catalog Download PDF  
  • Bearing - Sealed Heavy Duty Stainless Steel   (See Downloads for more literature)  
  • Thread Size - 1/2 in. UNC      
  • Hex Wrench Size - 5/8 in.   Technical:  
  • Maximum Speed - 1,500 RPM   Whirligig® Product Manual Download PDF  
  • Pulses / Targets - 1, 2, 4 or 8      
      Product Dimensions:  
  Mag-Con™ Technical Specifications:   -- WG1-4B-4  
  • Material - Stainless Steel   Download AutoCAD .dwg (AutoCAD)      Download PDF .pdf  
  • Holding Force - Over 150 lbs.      
  • Maximum Speed - 300 RPM   -- WG1-4B-8  
      Download AutoCAD .dwg (AutoCAD)      Download PDF .pdf  
  • Whirligig® U.S. Patent #6,109,120   -- MAG2000 (Mag-Con™)  
  • Mag-Con™ U.S. Patent #6,964,209   Download AutoCAD .dwg (AutoCAD)      Download PDF .pdf  
  Approvals (Sensors):      
  CSA - USA & Canada ATEX - Europe  CE - Europe      
  Part Numbers and Accessories:      
  • WG1-4B-1 ~ Whirligig® with 1 Target      
  • WG1-4B-2 ~ Whirligig® with 2 Targets      
  • WG1-4B-4 ~ Whirligig® with 4 Targets      
  • WG4-4B-4 ~ Whirligig® with 4 Targets (Stainless Steel)      
  • WG1-4B-8 ~ Whirligig® with 8 Targets      
  • WGB1830 ~ 18/30 mm Bracket (Included with Whirligig)      
  • MAG2000 ~ Mag-Con™ Magnetic Connector      
  4B Compatible Sensors      
  • Milli-Speed Switch      
  • M800 Elite Speed Switch      
  • M300 Slipswitch      
  • M100 Stopswitch      
  • P800 ProxSwitch      
  • P300 ProxSwitch      
  • P100 ProxSwitch      
  Literature:   Product Dimensions:  
  Product Datasheet Download PDF   -- WG1-4B-4  
  Full Line Product Catalog Download PDF   Download AutoCAD .dwg (AutoCAD)      Download PDF .pdf  
  Technical:   -- WG1-4B-8  
  Whirligig® Product Manual Download PDF   Download AutoCAD .dwg (AutoCAD)      Download PDF .pdf  
  Mag-Con™ Product Manual Download PDF      
      -- MAG2000 (Mag-Con)  
  Note: Product manuals for older part numbers can be   Download AutoCAD .dwg (AutoCAD)      Download PDF .pdf  
  found under the Technical Support area.      
      White Papers:  
      GEAPS Exchange Paper Download PDF  

Mag-Con™ Magnetic Connector

The Mag-Con™ (MAG2000) is an optional magnetic connector that screws onto the Whirligig and magnetically couples it to the shaft being monitored. The Mag-Con is made from stainless steel, has a holding force of over 150 lbs. and can withstand speeds up to 300 RPM.

Mag-Con™ Product Manual Download PDF

Whirligig Bracket

18 mm / 30 mm Sensor Bracket

This bracket (WGB1830) is included with the Whirligig, and is a dual purpose mount for 18 mm and 30 mm sensors.

Speed Switches

Speed Switch Sensors

4B's line of speed switches include: proximity, inductive, zero speed and stop motion to monitor dangerous belt slip, underspeed or stop conditions on conveyors, bucket elevators and any other shaft driven machinery.

See Speed Switches

Inductive Sensors

Inductive Proximity Sensors

4B's line of inductive proximity sensors are designed to detect shaft speed, shaft position, gate position, or object presence.

See Inductive Sensors


SpeedMaster Speed Switch Tester

SpeedMaster™ Speed Switch Tester

The SpeedMaster™ with Pulse Pilot is the only device that accurately tests the calibration of a speed switch, and allows testing of the alarm and shutdown features of the sensor while installed on the machine shaft.

More Info

  Does the Whirligig® come with a sensor?  
  No, sensors are sold separately.  
  What is a Mag-Con™?  
  The Mag-Con™ is an optional accessory that allows you to magnetically attach the Whirligig® to a shaft without the need to drill and tap. It has a holding force of over 150 lbs. and can handle speeds up to 300 RPM.  
Whirligig Exploded View
Whirligig with M300 Slipswitch
Whirligig on Bearing
Whirligig® on Bucket Elevator
Whirligig® on Conveyor
Whirligig® on Conveyor
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