New 4B Products

  Watchdog Super Elite Watchdog Super Elite WDC4

• 3.5" Color Graphics LCD Display


• More Sensor Inputs (15 WDC4 vs. 8 WDC3)


• System Settings Backup & Transfer (SD Card)


• PLC Communications (Modbus TCP/IP)


• Event & Alarm Logging


• Cloud Based Monitoring


Milli-Speed Switch
  Milli-Speed Switch

• 4 - 20 mA Output


• Simple Magnetic Calibration


• Loop Powered (2 Wire)


• Totally Sealed Construction (Submersible)


• Easy Installation with Whirligig® Sensor Mount


  Binswitch Elite
Binswitch Elite Capacitance Point Level Indicator

• Capacitance Level Indicator


• Level and Plug Sensing Applications


• Totally Sealed Construction (Submersible)


• Multi-Voltage Supply (AC/DC)


• Magnetic Calibration & Adjustable Sensitivity


• Polycarbonate Body


• Secure Cloud Based Hazard Monitoring


• Works With T500 Elite Hotbus™


• Real Time System Status & Alert Email Notifications


• Data logged Automatically


• Automated Maintenance


• View on Any Web-Enabled Device


JUMBO CC-S Elevator Bucket
  • Ultra Heavy Duty Elevator Buckets
  • Maximum Capacity
  • Ultra Tough and Flexible
  • Thickest Front Lip, Walls and Corners for Long Life
  • Stackable Design for Efficient Shipping and Storage
  • Tapered Bottom for Closer Vertical Spacing (Projection +1/2")

  ADB Bearing Sensor Tester
ADB Bearing Sensor Tester
  • Diagnostic Tool for ADB Bearing Temperature Sensors

• Hand Held Portable Unit


• Exact Alarm Point Testing


• Exact Shutdown Point Testing


• Easy To Read Display


SpeedMaster Speed Switch Tester

• Speed Switch Calibration Testing


• Exact Alarm Point Testing


• Exact Shutdown Point Testing


• No Need To Modify Sensor Assembly For Testing


• Incremental Output Rates


• Easy To Read Display