Rotary Paddle Level Indicator


The RLI “SHAKER” rotary paddle switch is used to detect high and low levels of bulk granular solids in bins, tanks and silos.  It can also be used to detect plug conditions in spouts, where long life and fail-safe detection is required.

Utilizing a unique stepper motor drive, the RLI “SHAKER” rotates clockwise, then counter-clockwise and then shakes to shed any excess material build up.  If the paddle rotation is impeded at any time by the bulk material then the electronic circuit provides a signal for level indication or control.

The RLI “SHAKER” uses fewer mechanical parts compared with standard rotary level indicators. No gearbox or clutch is required as the stepper motor drive is directly coupled to the output shaft and is practically indestructible and cannot be damaged by forced or backwards rotation. Also, an adjustable torque control allows one unit to cover many different densities of material, and provides easy on site calibration without having to change paddles.



  RLI Shaker Rotary Level Indicator  

• High and Low Level Indication


• Unique Shaking Action for Shedding Material Build Up


• User Adjustable Torque Control


• Direct Stepper Motor Drive (No Clutch or Gearbox)


• Fail-Safe Rotation Detection


• 14 Foot Vertical Extensions (Maximum)

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  RLI "SHAKER" Technical Specifications:   Literature:  
  • Power Supply - 120/240 VAC or 24 VDC (Universal Supply)   Product Datasheet Download PDF  
  • Supply Tolerance - ± 10%   Full Line Product Catalog Download PDF  
  • Power Consumption - 6 VA Max. AC or 50 mA Max. DC   (See Downloads for more literature)  
  • Fuse - 5 Amp      
  • Operating Temperature - 130°F (54°C) to -4°F (-20°C)   Technical:  
  • Output - Voltage Free Relay   Product Manual Download PDF  
  • Contact Rating - 2.5 Amps/240 Volts      
  • Time Delay - 0 to 30 Seconds (Adjustable)   Product Dimensions:  
  • Output Mode - High or Low Level (Selectable)   Download AutoCAD .dwg (AutoCAD)      Download PDF .pdf  
  • Calibration - Electronic Torque Control (Adjustable)      
  • Conduit Entry - 1/2 Inch NPT (2)   Compare Level Indicators Compare Level Indicators  
  • Mounting - 1-1/4 Inch NPT      
  • Connections - Screw Terminal Block      
  • LED Indicators - Output      
  • Enclosure - Flame Retardant Glass Reinforced Nylon      
  • ATEX Versions Available      
  ATEX - Europe       
  Part Numbers and Accessories:      
  • RLIS1V46 ~ RLI "SHAKER"      
  • RLISP1 ~ One Vane Insertable Paddle      
  • RLISP2 ~ One Vane Insertable Paddle (Extended)      
  • RLISP3 ~ Three Vane 5 Inch Diameter Paddle      
  • RLISP4 ~ Three Vane 7 Inch Diameter Paddle      
  • SMP ~ Side Mounting Plate      
  • SMPS ~ Side Mounting Plate (Stainless Steel)      
  • TMP ~ Top Mounting Plate      
  • TMPS ~ Top Mounting Plate (Stainless Steel)      
  Literature:   Product Dimensions:  
  Product Datasheet Download PDF   Download AutoCAD .dwg (AutoCAD)      Download PDF .pdf  
  Full Line Product Catalog Download PDF      
  Product Manual Download PDF      
  Automatic Level Control Wiring Download PDF      
  Note: Product manuals for older part numbers can be      
  found under the Technical Support area.      
One Vane Rotary Paddle

One Vane Insertable Rotary Paddles

The RLISP1 is designed for materials over 70 PCF (coal, stone, etc.), while the RLISP2 is designed for materials between 30 to 70 PCF (powders, light grain, seed, etc.).

Three Vane Rotary Paddle

Three Vane Rotary Paddles

The RLISP3 (5 inch diameter) is designed for materials between 30 to 70 PCF (grain, beans, oil seeds, etc.).  The RLISP4 (7 inch diameter) is designed for materials under 30 PCF (flour and light materials).

Mounting Plate

Mounting Plates (Top & Side)

The SMP (side mounting plate) and TMP (top mounting plate) are zinc plated steel mounts with a 1-1/4 inch NPT coupling.   Stainless steel versions are also available.

  Can the RLI "SHAKER" be side or top mounted?  
  Yes, it can be either top or sided mounted.  
  Does the RLI "SHAKER" have a gearbox or clutch mechanism?  
  No, it uses a stepper motor drive that is directly connected to the output shaft, so there are fewer mechanical parts  
  compared to a standard rotary paddle level indicator.  
RLI "SHAKER" Rotary Level Indicator
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