Hotbus™ Node Tester
Node & Network Communications Testing Device


The Hotbus Node Tester is a portable testing unit that can be used in the field to determine the operational status of any Hotbus communications node and network to quickly identify wiring or node issues.

Simply plug the network connection cable directly to the node.  A digital display on the tester will show the status of the node which can determine if the node is operating correctly.  The unit can also be connected to a PC for more detailed diagnostics data.



  Hotbus Node Tester  

• Portable & Compact


• Digital Display Indication


• No Need to remove Node from the Field to Test


• Detects Node's Communications Status


• Optional PC Connection for Diagnostics information


• Cable, Connectors & Software Included

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  Hotbus™ Node Tester Technical Specifications:   Literature:  
  • Power Supply - Two 9-Volt Batteries   Product Datasheet Download PDF  
  • LED Display - Testing Results & Diagnostics   Full Line Product Catalog Download PDF  
  • USB Port - Node to PC Diagnostics Software Communication   (See Downloads for more literature)  
  Part Numbers   Technical:  
  • HOTBUS-TESTER ~ Hotbus Node Tester   Product Manual Download PDF  
  4B Nodes & Accessories      
  • HOTBUS-TN4 ~ Hotbus Node (4 Input)
  • HOTBUS-SN2 - Speed Node (2 Input)      
  • HOTBOX ~ Node Enclosure      
  • EXPENC1 ~ Explosion Proof Node Enclosure      
  Product Datasheet Download PDF      
  Full Line Product Catalog Download PDF      
  Product Manual Download PDF      
  Note: Product manuals for older part numbers can be      
  found under the Technical Support area.      
Hotbus TN4 Node

Input Node (HOTBUS-TN4)

The TN4 is a four input sensor node, powered by 24 VDC.  Each input can be an NTC thermistor, PTC thermistor or Volt-Free Contact input; the types may be interchanged on a single node.  The Node has a unique 4 digit address which is used to communicate to the T500 via a two wire serial RS485 connection.

Hotbus SN2 Speed Node

Speed Node (HOTBUS-SN2)

The SN2 is a two input speed node, powered by 24 VDC.  The node is able to monitor two independent pulse (speed) sources for dangerous under speed conditions.  The SN2 will support pulses which are PNP or sourced.  The Node has a unique 4 digit address which is used to communicate to the T500 via a two wire RS485 connection.

Hotbus Hotbox Node Enclosure

Node Enclosure (HOTBOX)

Polycarbonate enclosure to contain and protect TN4 and SN2 nodes in dust hazard areas.

Hotbus Explosion Proof Node Enclosure

Explosion Proof Node Enclosure (EXPENC1)

Metal enclosure to contain and protect TN4 and SN2 nodes in explosion hazard areas.


  How long is the cable used to connect the tester to the node?  
  The cable is 10 ft. long.  
  Is the included software Macintosh OS compatible?  
  No, the software is only Windows PC compatible.  
Hotbus Node Tester
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