Drop Forged Conveyor Chain


4B is a manufacturer of drop forged chain for agricultural and industrial applications.  4B’s drop forged chain is made of special heat treated alloy steel case hardened to Rockwell C57 - C62 with a ductile core hardness of Rockwell C40.

4B’s superior heat treatment technique provides the optimum chain link with a more resilient ductile core for shock resistance, and an extremely hard exterior surface for superior wear resistance.

4B’s drop forged chain is backed by an international network of companies with over 125 years of experience, and a global team of engineers and sales professionals that can provide you with practical solutions for all your material handling applications.

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  Drop Forged Conveyor Chain  

Drop Forged Conveyor Chain & Flights


• High Strength and Light Weight Alloy Steel


• Wear Resistant Links and Pins - Case Hardness 57-62 HRC


• Shock Resistant Links and Pins - Core Hardness 40 HRC


• Double and Triple Style Links Available


• Ideal for Ash, Cement, Gypsum, Coal, Fertilizer, Wood Chips, etc.



  Bolt N Go Conveyor Chain  

Bolt-N-Go™ Conveyor Chain


• Quick and Easy Assembly - No Welding

  U.S. Pat. 7,080,728

• Reduces Downtime and Maintenance Costs

  U.S. Pat. 10,556,748

• Long Lasting and Light Weight

  Canadian Pat. 2,548,660
    • Wear and Impact Resistant Nylon Flights   Mexican Pat. 272,056
    • Ideal for Corn, Flour, Meal, Feed, Soybeans, Wood Shavings, etc.   Other Patents Pending
  Sprockets and Trailers  

Sprockets and Trailers


• Made from High Grade Heat Treated Steel


• Hardened to Rockwell C53 - C57


• Segmented Teeth and Split Hub for Easy installation


• Wear Reversible Sprocket Available


• For 102 to 260 mm Pitch Chain

  Broken Chain Detection  

Broken or Slack Chain Detection


• Solution for Drag Chain Conveyors


• Monitor for Chain Slack or Breakage


• Detects Movement of Steel Flights or Bolts on Plastic Paddles


• Prevent Costly Equipment Damage and Downtime


• Simple Sensor and Speed Relay Solution