Broken or Slack Chain Detection


By using a WDA sensor in combination with a speed relay, ferrous steel flights or bolts on plastic paddles are used to monitor for broken or slack chain issues on drag conveyors.

The WDA is a non-contacting extended range magnetic proximity sensor, not affected by dust or material build up, used to detect moving ferrous material up to 3 inches away from the sensor.  The speed relay is used to monitor the speed of a rotating shaft and detect if it rises or falls below a preset safety level.

This simple solution can help to prevent equipment damage and downtime costs.



  Broken or Slack Chain Detection  

• Solution for Drag Chain Conveyors


• Monitor for Chain Slack or Breakage


• Detects Movement of Steel Flights or Bolts on Plastic Paddles


• Prevent Costly Equipment Damage and Downtime


• Simple Sensor and Speed Relay Solution



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  WDA Sensor Technical Specifications:   Literature:  
  • Part Number - WDA3V34C   Product Brief Download PDF  
  • Voltage - 12 to 24 VCD ±10%   (See Downloads for more literature)  
  • Supply Current - 65 mA      
  • LED Indicator - Green (Flashing), Target Detected   Technical:  
  • Outputs (Max) - 100 mA Sink (Pull) / 50 mA Source (Push)   WDA Sensor Manual Download PDF  
  • Detection Range - Adjustable 1 to 3 inches (25 mm - 76 mm)   Speed Relay Manual Download PDF  
  • Detection Rate - 20 to 2,000 Targets/Minute      
  • Cable - 6 Conductor (9 ft.)   Product Dimensions:  
  • Conduit Entry - 1/2 in. NPT   WDA Sensor -  
  • Temperature Rating -4°F to 122°F (-20°C to 50°C)   Download AutoCAD .dwg (AutoCAD)      Download PDF .pdf  
  • Protection - IP66      
      Speed Relay -  
  Approvals:   Download AutoCAD .dwg (AutoCAD)      Download PDF .pdf  
  • CSA Class II Div 1 Groups E, F & G (USA & Canada)      
  • ATEX, CE & IECEx Versions Available (Europe)      
  CSA - USA & Canada ATEX - Europe CE - Europe  IECEx      
  Speed Relay Technical Specifications:      
  • Power Supply - 110 / 240 VAC      
  • Mounting - DIN 35 x 7.5 mm Rail      
  • Protection - IP50      
  CE - Europe      
  Part Numbers and Accessories:      
  • WDA3V34C ~ WDA Sensor      
  • HTAS1V34 ~ WDA Sensor (High Temperature Version)      
  • SR2V5-1 ~ Speed Relay      
  Literature:   Product Dimensions:  
  Product Brief Download PDF   WDA Sensor -  
      Download AutoCAD .dwg (AutoCAD)      Download PDF .pdf  
  WDA Sensor Manual Download PDF   Speed Relay -  
  Speed Relay Manual Download PDF   Download AutoCAD .dwg (AutoCAD)      Download PDF .pdf  
      WDA Mounting Template Download PDF  
  The WDA sensor will not calibrate, what is the issue?  
  Make sure that the yellow/orange wire is connected to the red wire, this powers the potentiometer (calibration screw).  
  Why will the LED on the back of the sensor not turn on?  
  Check to see that there are no objects stuck to the face of the sensor (washer, bolts, etc.). Due to the magnetic pull  
  on the face of the sensor, objects can stick and interfere with the sensor.  
  What if the best sensing depth of the WDA sensor?  
  The WDA sensor can detect ferrous targets from 1 to 3 inches away.  Keep in mind the distance of other objects within  
  the sensing area. For example, a belt splice on a bucket elevator may be longer than the intended target and can  
  interfere or hit the WDA sensor.  
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