Bolt-N-Go™ Conveyor Chain


Bolt-N-Go is the most practical drag conveyor chain solution in the Feed and Grain industry. No other conveyor chain is as easy to install, inspect and repair. Bolt-N-Go chain is constructed with high-strength, lightweight, drop forged, heat-treated links and connecting pins. It uses flexible, resilient, and wear-resistant nylon paddles that attach directly to the links with hex bolts, washers and lock nuts. No welded steel backer flights are necessary. This unique chain construction brings valuable benefits to feed and grain operations.    


Bolt-N-Go is recommended for conveyors handling dry free-flowing products such as animal feed, corn, soybeans, wheat, canola, rice, and wood shavings.


It’s easy, simple and reliable!

  Bolt N Go Drag Conveyor Chain

U.S. Pat. 7,080,728
U.S. Pat. 10,556,748
Canadian Pat. 2,548,660
Mexican Pat. 272,056
Other Patents Pending




• Replace paddles while the chain is tensioned


• Replace paddles with simple hand tools, no special chain breaker is required


• No need for hot work permits since no welding is required

  • Paddles can bend past obstruction and return to shape    
  • Nylon paddles wear better than traditional UHMW    
  • Every link is an easily accessible disconnect point    
  • Lightweight for safer handling and less amps drawn    
  • Quickest break-down recovery    


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Bolt N Go Drop Forged Conveyor Chain
Bolt N Go Assembly Method
Bolt N Go in Feed Mill Application
Bolt N Go in Grain Application
Bolt-N-Go High Flight
Bolt-N-Go Round Bottom
  Bolt-N-Go Drop Conveyor Chain Bolt-N-Go Assembly Animation