Vise Splice Elevator Belt Splice & Fastener


4B Vise Splices are mechanical splices and fasteners for use on most PVC and rubber elevator belts. Each splice unit is made of three pieces. The outside plates have two different gripping areas. The ribbed gripping area is mounted towards the face of the belt. The opposite end has a series of both longitudinal and axial "teeth." The center plate is symmetrical and cannot be improperly installed around its elongated center hole.

The splice functions by using the tension supplied by the belting. This tension on the belt ends pulls the outer plates apart, and forces gripping pressure towards the teeth on the splice unit. The greater the belt tension, the more pressure is exerted on the gripping teeth at the forward end of the splice.


4B Vise Splice



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• For Belts up to 800 PIW Tensile Strength


• Available in Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metal


• Non-Sparking (Non-Ferrous Version)


• Simple Three Piece Construction


• Max. Temperatures: Ferrous 600°F, Non-Ferrous 500°F

  • Each Splice Accommodates 2" of Belt Width    
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  Can I use the 4B Vise Splice on a manlift or wing pulley?  
  Never use the 4B Vise Spice on a manlift or wing pulley.  
  Can I re-use my hardware?  
  Always use new bolts, washers & nuts.  
Vise Splice Non-Ferrous
Vise Splice Ferrous
Vise Splice Diagram
  No videos currently available for this product.  
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