Alignment Sensors and Switches
Belt, Pulley and Chain Alignment Monitoring


4B's line of sensors and switches for detecting alignment and motion for bucket elevators, belt and drag chain conveyors or screw conveyors.


The Touchswitch is an electro-mechanical limit switch with no moving parts, which detects tracking and misalignment problems on bucket elevators and conveyors.  When a belt misaligns or a pulley moves over and contacts the sensor, the built in solid-state electronic circuitry detects the lateral force of the belt or pulley and activates a voltage free relay contact.  This relay contact is used to immediately alarm and shutdown the machine. 

Brass rub blocks monitor for belt misalignment problems on bucket elevators and conveyors by detecting heat generated by the friction of the misaligning belt rubbing against the brass.  A temperature sensor within the brass block provides the temperature reading and the system generates an alarm and a shutdown when a trip point is reached.

The WDA sensor is designed to detect a moving ferrous target.  It can be used on bucket elevators to measure speed and alignment by sensing either the metal elevator buckets, or the ferrous bolts attached to plastic buckets.  A more specialized use for the WDA switch is as a broken/slack chain detector on drag chain conveyors, or as a non-contact speed switch for screw conveyors.

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  Touchswitch Belt and Pulley Alignment Sensor  



• Force Activated Belt and Pulley Misalignment Sensor


• Instantaneous Misalignment Indication

    CSA - USA & Canada ATEX - Europe  CE - Europe

• Hardened Stainless Steel Contact Face


• External Test Feature


• Output LED Indication 


• Not a Rub Block 

  Brass Rub Block Belt Misalignment Sensor  

Brass Rub Blocks


• Belt Misalignment Monitoring


• Easy Installation

  CSA - USA & Canada ATEX - Europe  CE - Europe

• No Moving Parts (Solid Brass Block)


• Temperature Activated (Friction)


• External Sensor Testing (ADB Tester)



  WDA Motion Alignment Sensor  

WDA Motion Alignment Sensor


• Magnetic Proximity Belt Speed and Belt Misalignment Sensor


• Detects Moving Steel Ferrous Targets

  CSA - USA & Canada ATEX - Europe  CE - Europe

• Adjustable Sensing Range of 1 to 3 Inches


• Not Affected by Material Build Up


• Stainless Steel Construction


• High Temperature Version Available