Bolt 'N' Go™ Drop Forged Chain
For Drag Conveyors


The Bolt ‘N’ Go™ flight system is a revolutionary assembly method for drop forged.  Link and flight assembly is made easy by using a standard bolt and mechanical lock nut with a high strength hollow pin.


There are no circlips and no intricate assembly required.  There is no welding of flights, no need to remove chain from the conveyor for installation, and no issues with strength.  Just bolt the links and the flights together.


It’s easy, simple and reliable!

  Bolt N Go Drag Conveyor Chain

U.S. Pat. 7,080,728
Canadian Pat. 2,548,660
Mexican Pat. 272,056
Other Patents Pending




• Quick and Easy Assembly - No Welding


• Reduces Downtime and Maintenance Costs


• Long Lasting and Light Weight

  • Wear and Impact Resistant Nylon Flights    
  • Ideal for Corn, Flour, Meal, Feed, Soybeans, Wood Shavings, etc.    


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Bolt N Go Drop Forged Conveyor Chain
Bolt N Go Assembly Method
Bolt N Go in Feed Mill Application
Bolt N Go in Grain Application
  Bolt 'N" Go Drop Forged Conveyor Chain